We are an AKC Minnesota German Shepherd breeder centrally located in Brainerd, producing German Shepherd puppies that specialize in outstanding health, stable temperaments and impeccable beauty. We produce beautiful black and red German Shepherd puppies.

What sets us apart?  We keep our puppy owners actively involved from before the time your pup is even born!  You will get progress updates on mom, pictures as she grows, videos of the puppies moving in mom, etc all up until the day the pups are born.  Then, you will get updates as the puppies are born, as well as pictures.  From that moment on, we post daily pictures and frequent videos so you can watch your puppy grow from the moment he/she is born.  It is not just about coming to pick up a puppy at 8 weeks, but it is a growing relationship between us to truly have you a part of our Samherz family.  We truly become good friends with a lot of our puppy owners, as there will always be questions, concerns, stories, etc to share after you take your new puppy home.  We are here to help.  We require the best for our puppies, and we want you to have the best too.  

Samherz is located on 35 acres of gorgeous land, giving our dogs and puppies exposure to sights, sounds, smells and everything in between to ensure they grow up well socialized. We have done extensive research to choose the best pairings to produce top quality companion animals, as well as conformation, sport and working prospects. We currently breed European bloodlines only, avoiding crossing any working lines.  Our breeding program proudly uses dogs that have generations beyond generations of solid hip and elbow clearances, as we follow SV guidelines in which all parents, grandparents, etc have certifications.  Our puppies are true German shepherds, not American line,  and are bred within the breed standard.

We breed health tested and stable temperament dogs only. Our dogs are part of our family, loved and cared for and raised in our home.

Feel free to contact us with questions, comments or simply to share pictures of your pups!  We love to expand our friendship pool!

German Shepherd Breeder in Minnesota

Samherz Shepherds name came from the heart of our kennel, Samurai, call name Sam.  The German word for heart is "herz".  It is with great honor that our kennel is named after our impeccable companion, Sam. We will see him again on the other side of the rainbow bridge. 

Minnesota German shepherd puppies

German Shepherd Breeder in Minnesota

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Minnesota German Shepherd Breeder located in Brainerd.


Member of the GSDCA
All Samherz dogs are health tested.
German Shepherd puppies minnesota
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Top Quality, Health tested, Minnesota German Shepherd Puppies