We offer board and train options when reserving a puppy from us.  We offer Puppy Imprinting Training, along with Basic Obedience Training.  Space is limited, so please reserve early if you are interested.  Unfortunately, we do not take in dogs outside of the Samherz family.


  • Puppy Imprinting/Crate training: 

A puppy’s most valuable time to be socialized and imprinted is between 4-20 weeks of age.  This is a crucial time for your puppy to learn manners and common life expectations.  We offer a board and train service for your puppy in which we keep them an additional 2 weeks. This service includes alleviating you from the multiple sleepless nights with crate training, as well as work on common puppy issues such as puppy biting, chewing and jumping.  Additionally, we will introduce them to leash walking with the 2 week course.

Please note that delaying bringing your puppy home for 2 additional weeks will have no effect on your bonding time.  Your puppy will still bond closely with your family, but will enter your home with a great foundation.

2 week course - $500


  • Basic Obedience Board & Train:

We offer a basic obedience board and train service at our location for our Samherz puppy owners only.  Trainings are available for 2, 4 or 6 weeks stretches.  Included in this training is sit, down, walk nice on a leash and recall, as well as working on basic manners while in our care, i.e. play biting and jumping up.  You will receive weekly progress updates, including pictures and/or videos.  We will accept puppies ages 5 months or older.  All puppies must be up to date on vaccines, including the rabies vaccine.

2 weeks - $500

4 weeks - $950

6 weeks - $1400

  • We also offer boarding for our Samherz family members aka Puppy owners:


Daily - $20

  • All above boarding rates include Minnesota sales tax.

  • All required vet care is the responsibility of the pet owner.  

  • We proudly feed Farmina Grain Free food which is available for your pup.  If you feed an alternative food, please be sure to bring with to avoid an upset tummy.

  • A current vaccination record is required in order to stay at the Samherz Taj Mahal.