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We feed our dogs and puppies ONLY the best!  We highly recommend Farmina Food for your Samherz puppy.  We can also help you out with a breeder discount!  Ask us how!

√ Made in Italy with EU certification

√ Only food on the market that is 100%GMO free and Meal Free

√ As close to the raw diet as you can get in a dry food

√ High meat content:  70% Animal sourced ingredients 30% fruits and veggies

√ Vitamins, chelated minerals, fruits and veggies are all added POST heat giving your pets the ultimate form of nutrition

√ 97% Animal sourced protein

√ Low Glycemic

√ No Corn, soy, wheat

√ Italian Chickens, Wild Boar from Tuscany, Fish out of the North Sea & Lamb from New Zealand

√Cruelty free Company

√ Family owned and operated, no co-packing.  We handle the food from the raw ingredients to the shipping docks.

√ No recalls

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