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***Breeder has the rights to reserve 1st pick of any litter for male and/or female at any time.***



- Kisa x Xavi - *FINAL LITTER for Kisa* - All long coat litter. Kisa has been bred and puppies due January 5th!  Waiting list only!

- Vada x VA Yasko vom Huhnegrab!!! - *FINAL LITTER for Vada* - Vada has been bred to the exceptional Yasko!  Puppies are due January 11th. We expect mostly short coat puppies, with the possibility of long coat.  3rd pick male and female to reserve.

- Dika x Xavi - (All long coat litter) - Dika has been bred!!  Puppies are due February 26th. 1st pick black and red female available to reserve. Waiting list only for males.

- Bebe x Xavi - *FINAL LITTER for Bebe* - All long coat litter - Puppies expected in March/April 2023. Reservations Full. Waiting list only.

- Dior x Tolt - (All long coat litter) - This will be Dior's 1st litter. We are now accepting reservations! Puppies expected in March/April 2023. 3rd pick female available to reserve.

- Toskana x TBD - This is a potential litter. Waiting list only! Puppies expected Summer 2023.

- Romina x TBD - Waiting list only until official pairing announced. This will be a mostly short coat litter. Puppies expected Summer 2023.

- Hayly x TBD - (All long coat litter) This is a potential litter. Waiting list only! Puppies expected late Summer 2023.


* $500 deposit is required to reserve. (Deposits are non-refundable, but can be transferred to any available litter.)  There is no deposit required to be on the waiting list. Total cost of our puppies is $2700 - $3000, tax included. 

* No fee to be on the waiting list. Once a reservation opens up, your waiting list spot will move to a reservation once deposit is submitted.

* Dates are all subject to change as they are solely an approximation. We do our best to calculate accurately, but mother nature rules all. 

*All puppies come with the following:

  • AKC Limited Registration (full available w/approval)

  • 26 month hip/elbow guarantee against genetic, crippling dysplasia.

  • 1st vaccination at 7 weeks of age.

  • Multiple dewormings - 2,4,6 and 8 weeks

  • Fed Farmina kibble and sent home with puppy pack!

  • Vet checked at 7 weeks of age.

  • Affordable boarding option for your puppy

  • Extensive Socialization

  • Lifetime breeder support

  • Frequent video and picture updates via facebook

  • Up to a $100 Training Refund Opportunity - Ask us how!


**Please message us on the Contact Us page for more information, price, pictures and questions or email us at


Thank you!

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