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We are located in beautiful Brainerd, Minnesota.

Samherz Shepherds' passion began years ago with our resident dog, Sam.  He joined our home with so much love and excitement.  He came from a local shelter, which at the time, we thought was sufficient for us.  However, coming from an unknown background, and an unknown setting, it taught us the importance of knowing the parents of a puppy for the future, as well as the pedigree and proven health record.  Sam is our rock, and has taught us so much in regards to the breed.  

Through careful selection, we are driven to produce top quality German Shepherd puppies.  We use 100% EUROPEAN lines, not American. We value the stable temperaments, the true working ability and the SV standards.  We select only top studs to breed to our dams to produce top German Shepherds.  These studs are often titled in both the show ring and the performance ring.  In addition, all dogs bred have health clearances and stable/clear headed temperaments.  


The puppies we produce come with AKC limited registration (full available to approved homes), a 26 month hip and elbow guarantee, age appropriate vaccinations, multiple dewormings, vet certificate, fed Farmina N&D grain-free high quality kibble and receive extensive socializing with people of all ages, various sounds, multiple surfaces and variety of smells.  We also offer up to a $100 refund to those who take their puppy through 1 puppy class AND 1 beginner obedience class.  We feel so strongly about bonding with your puppy, and socializing with other dogs and people that we want to help cover the costs.  Lastly, we also provide boarding to our Samherz family at a low cost during those times of need.


Our German Shepherd puppies not only reside in Minnesota, but can also be found in multiple states including Illinois, Nebraska, Iowa, North Dakota, Wisconsin, South Dakota, Montana, Tennessee, Washington and Indiana.  

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